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‘Thank you’, teacher…….

Fluffy towels

Fluffy towels

Red flannel with hearts

Red hearts on cream

At the end of a school year many parents think of a present to say ‘thank you’ to their child’s teacher.

My sister used to get many gifts of the same type: soap, chocolates, wine. I always gave the teacher a towel and they went down well and were completely original.

Blue Flowers

Blue floral print

You could order a flannel for as little as £8, get a hand size (£18) a bath towel (£34) or spend up to £39 on a sheet size (100 x 150cms)

The personalised gift will give so much pleasure and unlike a bouquet of flowers will last for many, many years.

You can choose from white, cream, red or blue towels and I have lots of fabrics to choose from.

Do visit my site and contact me.

Blue towel

Blue with beach huts

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