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Talking on the radio about basic sewing skills

I talk too much so what better medium for me than twitter as people don t tell you to shut up they just unfollow you.

I had a banter on Twitter with @nicpandolfi from Ipswich Town 102 radio station about the state of the high street v small independents and people running small businesses.

Before I knew it had invited me on to his breakfast show to talk about the state of the nation s sewing skills. It is a subject I feel passionately about as I don t like the throw away attitude. Commodity prices have shot through the roof so we are going to have to re-cycle more & make do and mend .

We have to teach our young children to sew and cook at a basic level. You never know what that might lead to. In the small amount of research I have done around local schools it seems to me we pay lip service to the practical skills of life and I feel this has to change.

The experience was nerve wracking but it s good to get out of your comfort zone. I hope I did OK Nick!


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