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Service & going the extra mile….

Personalised towel gift

Personalised gift

I saw a tweet this week about terrible service received on an e-commerce site which made my blood boil.

Good service is something I feel passionately about at Jane Hamerton Ltd – probably stemming back from my years at Marks and Spencer in the 80 s where the customer (used) to be KING.

I simply would not have a business if I did not look after my customers. My extensive client list is based upon referrals and customers who come back many times to buy my personalised gifts.

If something goes wrong (and it does) I sort it out instantly and give something extra as a ‘sorry .

On occasion a client gives me a misspelling of a name for a personalised towel gift for a newborn and the embarrassed recipient rings me up. I always replace the towel free of charge and never tell the original customer.

If a parcel goes astray in the post, I replace it PDQ and if something goes wrong on the shopping end of my site, I usually pick it up and inform the customer and arrange a refund etc.

I want my customers to tell me they are not happy about an aspect of my product or business so I can improve it. Luckily I hardly ever get those calls.

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