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Initialled flannel in pink floral
Initialled flannel in pink floral

I cannot believe that the flannel is on its way out. I nearly choked over my breakfast when I read in The Telegraph that this unglamorous but useful cloth is about to be consigned to history.


It drives me mad that we are cutting down swathes of trees for the ‘must have’ wipes for every surface and orifice. We are clogging up landfill sites and sending a terrible message to our children.


The flannel can be a thing of beauty. You can have your initial lovingly sewn on to an Egyptian cotton flannel by Jane Hamerton Ltd in any fabric of your choice. If you have more than one person in your family they can each have one!!


It can be washed again and again and when it looks a bit grey you can use it to clean the floors.

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    Noooooo! I love a flannel. A hot flannel gets rid of all traces of make up so much better than any lotion, potion, cotton wool pad or ball, sponge or wipe! Save the flannel!

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