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Mothering Sunday – historically – the special ‘day off’



Historically the correct term for Mother’s Day is Mothering Sunday.  It was a very British tradition. In Victorian times it was the day when children, mainly daughters who were working as domestic servants were given the day off to visit mothers and their families.



I love personalising special dressing gowns and towels for mothers and grandmothers. As each piece is hand made my clients can have whatever they want. They are gift wrapped by me and I write their special message in ink in an appropriate card.

Special dressing gown

Special dressing gown

Enjoy ‘mothering’ your special mother.

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Appreciative testimonials…

Running a small business is a real challenge and one of the tips I was given 5 years ago was to print out the great testimonials. I do this and put them in a file to read when things are really ‘getting on top of me’. I dip in to it regularly!

Here is a small sample of some of them:

‘…you are a super star, thank you for sending it so quickly’


‘… you have solved a lot of my pressie dilemmas!’


.. I think what you are doing is amazing, your passion shines through….


… I received the towels as a gift when I had my baby and was delighted! They’re beautiful.


…the Bradshaw boys now 11 & 9 are still using their towels…


… it is quite an unusual present….


…. The recipients absolutely LOVED THEM!


… tremendous service from you…


…the towels are AMAZING – we love them….


Thanks for providing a lovely, useful and very welcome present for our grandchildren.


 ..I recently had twins and it was undoubtedly the best gifts we received, thank you.


I’ve still got a towel that my Granny made 30 years ago – a little threadbare now, so I thought I would do the same for my friend’s baby – something a bit different but still very, very useful :o)

So, as you can see from this small selection I am really lucky and I appreciate my wonderful customers who keep coming back for more. I never, ever take them for granted and look after them to the best of my ability.

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Second wedding anniversary is cotton.


I love you

I love you


I remember when I got married nearly 26 years ago my husband diligently looked up each of our anniversaries. He then gave me something of significance each year – how romantic  – but I noticed as the years went by the specific presents for each year seemed to stop. I did a bit of research and realised there are specific presents for the first 15 years of marriage and then just for the 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, etc –­ which is rather sad.


A customer recently asked me to make some towels for his wife for his second anniversary, which is cotton. After many email exchanges he finally chose what he wanted for her.

Personalised hearts

Personalised hearts


They were all gift wrapped and sent off. I hope it makes her happy  – I certainly enjoyed making them.


The joy about personalising towels and dressing gowns is my customers get something really special and romantic which last for years.


Don’t forget it’s not too late to order for Valentine Day!

Personalised towels with hearts

Personalised towels with hearts

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Calling all Godmothers & Godfathers!!

Personalised towel gifts

Personalised towel gifts

Over the last 20 years I get a good number of godmothers using Jane Hamerton as a ‘one stop shop’ for Christmas gifts!

It is quite fun choosing the colours of the personalised towels to suit each godchild. I quite often spend some time with the client finding out what the favourite colour & interests are of each recipient.

Personalised towels

Blue and red are popular with little boys!

Often the child has an unusual nick name.

Personalised towel


I always have masses of fabric in my ‘glory hole’ of a work room which can  suit most tastes!

Imelda Marcos collected shoes well – ‘Guess what my dirty little secret is’?!

Unusual materials


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Special christening order using a Scottish family tartan

I love been given special tasks.

Ferguson tartan

Ferguson tartan pieces

A customer was attending a family christening and wanted us to use the Ferguson family tartan on her gift of 2 white towels. A tie & some small pieces arrived in the post & I duly washed them in hot water as I explained I would have to do.

The unpicked tie

The unpicked tie

Unpicking them and getting the creases out were a challenge but even more so was trying to fit 10 letters out of the small tie.

James' christening towel

James’ christening towel

The small scrap pieces were all sent back with the finished articles. I can’t wait for the feedback.

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