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History of my towels

Pile of aqua towels

Pile of aqua towels

White towel with blue circles
White towel with blue circles

I have been personalising towels for 18 years. I gave them as presents to friends when my daughter was born and people started ordering them as gifts for newborns.

When I moved to Essex in 1994 I started doing fairs. I could do this around bringing up a young family. I now have a loyal following of customers and am busy mainly through word of mouth.

In May this year I decided to set up properly and we called the business Jane Hamerton Ltd. It is my maiden name as my surname is too difficult for people to spell.

I sometimes wonder what on earth I have embarked on at 50. So much to do but very exciting times ahead. If you don’t start you and just talk about it you will never know if you can be successful.

I think of it as a journey. You never know who you will meet and what you will achieve. Keep and open mind, listen and learn. Let’s see what happens!

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