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Giving birth after 14 months

Elephant by lovely daughter

Sequinned elephant by my lovely daughter

My personalised gift website has finally gone live. I honestly feel it is like giving birth to an elephant. A tweeter friend said,”A new website is like a new child – long gestation, the agony of birth but you forget all that when you hold that baby!”.

First, excitement deciding to start a business then as time goes by a feeling of incredulity at the enormous responsibility of it all. What on earth have I done?

The family certainly did not realise that I would turn into a mad, menopausal woman – trying to write a business plan, networking, meetings, radio, interviewing sewers, no food in the fridge…..grumpy, twittering, tired mother!

Has it been worth it? Only time will tell. Life is an exciting roller coaster. If you never dip your toe in the water you won’t actually experience the temperature. I have had a ball and life certainly begins at 50!

If anyone reading this is thinking of starting a business. Go for it. There is a lot of help out there but have no illusions – it isn’t easy.

I must mention the fantastic help I have been given by Nikki and Jean de Villiers at

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  1. Nikki
    Posted 14/08/2010 at 14:56 | Permalink

    Hi Jane

    What you do is worth celebrating! Congratulations… We consider it an honour to have been part of your fantastic ‘birth.’

    Once I received one of your beautiful towels, the writing just flowed… You are an inspiration to women everywhere Jane. Good luck!

    Nikki x

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