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Christmas Conundrums…

A tweeter has asked me to come up with some gift ideas for three children and her sister, husband and newborn. At Christmas I often have to do a number of towels for a person and all their Christmas shopping is done! My record last year was 27 bath towels for one customer! All done […]

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Organising a charity?

Those who know me, realise by now, I get a kick out of giving to charity. This time I am going to support all those people who work tirelessly to organise events for charity for their raffle table. I know how time consuming and hard it is to raise money. So with this November’s newsletter […]

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Recent one-offs

    Everyone knows how I love twitter so this was fun  to do. Born in to rock ‘n’ roll family I loved doing this set of towels for a new born baby. We had to get the fabric from the States & I washed it until no colour ran and combined as much of […]

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A one-of-a-kind original

    I love France and have enjoyed working out the accents and cedillas to go on my towels.   Quite a few of my towels go abroad. I have had to applique towels in Danish to go to a holiday home, some have gone to the Far East & Japan       I […]

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Presents for loved ones

  Over the past 20 years I have enjoyed sewing towels for people who want to give something really special to members of their family. I love the fact the towels will be used almost every day so they make amazing value gifts. Towels are rather boring everyday items but they can be made a […]

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