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Special kindergarten towel order to Barcelona

The internet has made reaching a wider audience much easier for titchy businesses like mine. Google translation helped this week when a lady and I spent a day emailing each other for a specific towel order for her little boy. He needed specific towel sizes and a 10 cm loop requested by his Spanish kindergarten. […]

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Smart school swim towel

I had a brief from the beautiful Haileybury School in Hertford to mock up a swim towel. They sent me their logo which I appliqued on so there is no scratchy backing material. The whole towel is still soft. I felt some initials were needed to make it more personal. I found an old dress […]

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Personalised dressing gowns for a wedding

I had a lovely Greek lady who is going to a wedding in Greece this weekend enquire about a really special wedding present for the bride and groom who are lawyers. After lots of emails flying to each other over dressing gown colours and materials I could applique on, this was the result. They were […]

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Talking on the radio about basic sewing skills

I talk too much so what better medium for me than twitter as people don t tell you to shut up they just unfollow you. I had a banter on Twitter with @nicpandolfi from Ipswich Town 102 radio station about the state of the high street v small independents and people running small businesses. Before […]

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